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Audience Q&A

Whenever I start creating a customer avatar, I often fill out these little worksheet below and craft what my Dream Client looks/feels/reacts to when they hit similar roadblocks I have personally faced. I call it my “Audience Q&A” card. What are their biggest pain points? What do they need the most help with? No focus Too worried about having a website Too consumed with free methods Bleeding money on paid advertising Have business online, but not enough money or residual income What scares them? Failure Being dooped into another product Wasting money Wasting time What’s the biggest danger they don’t even see yet? Building up their business/traffic on a platform they don’t own/control Missed residual income (emails) They continue wasting time & energy keeping the same methods they have now What are their greatest opportunities? That they can start building a list NOW by focusing on ONE evergreen method They’re building the foundation of their business thru a method they have 100% control over What are their hopes, dreams and desires? To be financially independent and have more free time Full time income online Support their family Who do they aspire to be? A market leader A work at home success story What are their hobbies? Video games Sports TV, Watching movies/shows Where do they congregate online? What sites do they trust? Where are they getting their news? Warrior Forum, Digital Point, WickedFire